Facts You Need to Know before Buying Fruit Bouquet!

There are few things to consider when buying a Fruit Bouquet or Edible Arrangement!
1. It is been proved over the years that cheap products always mean bad quality, less quantity or both.
2. Do some research for the online shop that you are buying from.  Search for fruit bouquet companies with trusted reviews like Google reviews. Be aware of sources like TrustPilot, Fefoo, Facebook and etc. these excellent reviews are not always genuine. Do not jump to the conclusion that the first listing on your search engine is the best.  Always look for companies with an excellent reputation and experience.
3. Check on the quality of the image! If they are not good quality, it means that they have been copied from another website.

4. Description of the product (size and appearance) is very important, don’t end up with a product that significantly differs from the one that you see on their website. A lot of companies use visually attractive photos copied from other websites including ours, to get your attention. They rely on the fact if you order for someone else you won’t see the gift. This is how you end up paying for bad quality fruits in a basket, sometimes moldy. And the worst thing is that your favorite people, recipients will be disappointed. Most of the time they will not say anything to you, just Thank You!

5. Where is you fruit bouquet coming from?

– If you are buying from a company that offers Nationwide delivery be sure that your fruit bouquet will be made 1 day (24 hours) prior delivery because most of the companies working with couriers are suppose to hand over the parcel to the courier the previous day.
Compare to all our competitors we have a special arrangement with our courier company for same-day pick-up and delivery Nationwide in the United Kingdom.
6. Check how secure the online shop is, which includes an SSL certificate, Payment Gateway and etc. ( after all you are giving your bank account details).
7. Communication – Don’t trust companies with mobile phone numbers or online contact form only. That often means they are not located on business premises and you will not be able to chase them for a refund.
8. Don’t get trapped by the amazing things they write about their companies. They always will try to impress you with their experience. That they’ve been in the busines for a long term and etc.
Here some tips:
-Check their social media.
-How active they are. When they first open the account and how often they do posts.

9. A very important is to check their Food Hygiene Rating.  You won’t be happy to receive a Fruit Bouquet from a company that doesn’t comply with the Food Safety Act 1990, Food Safety and Hygiene regulations 2013.

Why choosing Fruity Gift?

10 out of 10 clients will choose us over the competitors, because:

  • Fruity Gift creates the most beautiful Edible Fruit Flower Bouquets. We create an Art!
  • We use the freshest first-class fruits, brought to us every day by UK’s best fruit farms.
  •  Only we use Pure Belgian Chocolate made from cocoa beans with different taste profiles, brought to us directly from Belgium.
  • Fruity Gift is the first Edible Fruit Bouquet company in the United Kingdom with over 16 years of making Fruit Flowers and currently the leading in the industry.
  • We guarantee 100% customer service satisfaction. Always serve our customers in the best possible way, going beyond and above.
  • We have the highest 5-star Food Hygiene Rating and comply with the Food Safety Act 1990, Food Safety and Hygiene regulations 2013.
  • Quick and easy shopping online, using the most secure encrypted system for safe payments, accommodates clients from all over the world such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, China, Germany, France, and many more…
    We make any occasion extra-special!