Facts You Need to Know before Buying Fruit Bouquet!

There are few things to consider when buying a Fruit Bouquet or Edible Arrangement!
1. It is been proved over the years that cheap products always mean bad quality, less quantity or both.
2. Do some research for the online shop that you are buying from.  Search for fruit bouquet companies with trusted reviews like Google reviews. Be aware of sources like TrustPilot, Fefoo, Facebook and etc. these excellent reviews are not always genuine. Do not jump to the conclusion that the first listing on your search engine is the best.  Always look for companies with an excellent reputation and experience.
3. Check on the quality of the image! If they are not good quality, it means that they have been copied from another website.

4. Description of the product (size and appearance) is very important, don’t end up with a product that significantly differs from the one that you see on their website. A lot of companies use visually attractive photos copied from other websites including ours, to get your attention. They rely on the fact if you order for someone else you won’t see the gift. This is how you end up paying for bad quality fruits in a basket, sometimes moldy. And the worst thing is that your favorite people, recipients will be disappointed. Most of the time they will not say anything to you, just Thank You!

5. Where is you fruit bouquet coming from?

– If you are buying from a company that offers Nationwide delivery be sure that your fruit bouquet will be made 1 day (24 hours) prior delivery because most of the companies working with couriers are suppose to hand over the parcel to the courier the previous day.
Compare to all our competitors we have a special arrangement with our courier company for same-day pick-up and delivery Nationwide in the United Kingdom.
6. Check how secure the online shop is, which includes an SSL certificate, Payment Gateway and etc. ( after all you are giving your bank account details).
7. Communication – Don’t trust companies with mobile phone numbers or online contact form only. That often means they are not located on business premises and you will not be able to chase them for a refund.
8. Don’t get trapped by the amazing things they write about their companies. They always will try to impress you with their experience. That they’ve been in the busines for a long term and etc.
Here some tips:
-Check their social media.
-How active they are. When they first open the account and how often they do posts.

9. A very important is to check their Food Hygiene Rating.  You won’t be happy to receive a Fruit Bouquet from a company that doesn’t comply with the Food Safety Act 1990, Food Safety and Hygiene regulations 2013.

Why choosing Fruity Gift?

10 out of 10 clients will choose us over the competitors, because:

  • Fruity Gift creates the most beautiful Edible Fruit Flower Bouquets. We create an Art!
  • We use the freshest first-class fruits, brought to us every day by UK’s best fruit farms.
  •  Only we use Pure Belgian Chocolate made from cocoa beans with different taste profiles, brought to us directly from Belgium.
  • Fruity Gift is the first Edible Fruit Bouquet company in the United Kingdom with over 16 years of making Fruit Flowers and currently the leading in the industry.
  • We guarantee 100% customer service satisfaction. Always serve our customers in the best possible way, going beyond and above.
  • We have the highest 5-star Food Hygiene Rating and comply with the Food Safety Act 1990, Food Safety and Hygiene regulations 2013.
  • Quick and easy shopping online, using the most secure encrypted system for safe payments, accommodates clients from all over the world such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, China, Germany, France, and many more…
    We make any occasion extra-special!


Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is not only a Festival of Lights but also a festival of happiness. These days it’s almost impossible to spend time with your people carefree so this makes this one-day special. We meet our friends, family, relatives and even share our happiness with all sorts of people around us. This festival is also a celebration of relationships in our lives. Exchanging gifts is an integral part of this festival of lights. So here are few more gifting ideas which don’t cost you a fortune but definitely bring a smile to your beloved all the while not making a hole in your pocket.
Deepavali Gift Hamper makes a lovely gift and the first-class fruits will stay fresh long after the Diwali is gone.


Chocolate dipped strawberries are all-time favorite sweets and have replaced traditional sweets recently. When in doubt just buy Four Seasons Chocolate Bouquet and gift it away.

You can also put them as a centerpiece on your table to offer it to your guests when you wish them happy Diwali and greet them.

Rich Gift Hamper is full of goodies and is an awesome corporate Diwali gift. Assorted Luxury Belgian Biscuitier, Sparkling Juice Drink Red Grape – Non-Alcoholic, fresh fruits, Williamson Tea – English Breakfast and everything else which you think your colleagues or partners will like and enjoy long after Deepavali.

Ultimate guide on gifts any Dad could ever ask for!

Father’s Day is around the corner and we are looking forward to celebrating the day with our lovely dads, and what better way to show them some love with a thoughtful gift?
It can be hard to get creative when it comes to giving back to the men who raised us but believe us, you’re not alone! Fruity Gift wants to make everyone’s day special for the occasion which is why we put together a list of the best Father’s Day fruit gifts any dad could ever ask for. Here’s our ultimate guide on presents that’ll be sure to make you the new favorite child
Rainbow Edible Fruit Basket   
Wonderfully displayed in a handsome wicker basket, this edible fruit display contains the most luscious domestic and tropical fruits available.
Majestic Fruit Arrangement 
Healthy satisfaction of ripe fruits and smooth dark and milk Belgian chocolate.
Four Seasons Chocolate Bouquet 
Subtle flavours and rich aromas that will tingle your senses.
Belgian chocolate and fresh fruits, in this we excel!
Royal Fruit Bouquet 
The freshness of the fruits enhances the depth & sweetness of shared indulgence in chocolate. Royal Fruit Bouquet makes an utterly divine Father’s Day gift that your Dad will remember so fondly!

No matter what you decide on, the best gifts are ones that come from our love and appreciation for the greatest supermen of all time – our fathers!

Here at Fruity Gift, we want to commemorate those times between you and your loved ones by helping you get your feelings across in the sincerest way possible. So go ahead and treat your awesome dad to any or all of the edible gifts above. Whatever you choose, we’re sure he’ll love it!

Easter Gifts

We’re sure our Easter fruit baskets will be a hit at any celebration bursting with all these fresh organic fruits!

Enjoying Easter Sunday with your family and friends is a cherished moment many look forward to every year. Your presence is always enough, but if you’d prefer to not show up to your host’s house empty-handed, we have a few fruit gifts that will make them see hearts. Or if you can’t celebrate with your loved ones, send an Easter-themed fruit bouquet in place of your physical presence! Our Easter collection is a fresh and colorful assortment of healthy fruit blooms curated to befit your celebrations.

This edible arrangements are all about fun, and will certainly spark the imaginations of any little one who lays eyes on it.
The truth is that the decision is easy – any of these edible gifts would be a great addition to your host’s home this Easter!

See all of our fresh fruit bouquets on our website.

Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Guide

Although it should be happening every single day, Mother’s Day is the one special holiday of the year where we can really take the time to appreciate our moms for everything. And it’s just around the corner – on March 31st!

There’s so much you can do to show your appreciation. The possibilities are endless, but needless to say, the one thing you can’t leave out is a gift to let all the mother figures in your life know just how important they are to you.

Finding the right present can be quite a task, but no worries – we’ve got you covered with our suggestions for heartwarming Mother’s Day gifts!

Gifting the best women in your life with healthy edible arrangement can do more wonders that you’d think! Because which mom doesn’t deserve a basket overflowing with fresh fruits.

Flower Power

No Mother’s Day is ever complete without a beautiful batch of flowers to complement
their living space! Whether the moms in your life love sunflowers, roses, or just a mix of lots of blooms, Flowers Gift definitely has something for every special person out there.

We at Fruity Gift absolutely believe in commemorating all of life’s precious moments, and Mother’s Day is no exception! Treat your mother special, send a fruit basket to her home or office on Mother’s Day!

Sweet Spooky Treats

Halloween is right around the corner! With the chance to dress up in fun
costumes and stock up on treats, it’s no wonder Halloween is a favorite
holiday for both kids and adults. If you plan to take your kids
trick-or-treating, treat them healthy, our Fruit Bouquets are not only full of vitamins they are also irresistibly fresh and delicious.
Speaking of healthy treats, here are a few Halloween-themed Edible Fruit Arrangements to help you deliver the perfect snack for the little ghosts and goblins at your party.

Thank You Gifts Delivered

Thank You Gifts – Delivered.
Because we think that your thank you gift should speak volumes of your gratitude and sincere appreciation we summed up for you the freshest and the sweetest thank you gifts that you can imagine.
Fruity Gift’s huge variety of thank you gifts is unparalleled. One look through our selection and you’ll see that our fruit basket designers have thought of everything. And the best part? These perfect thank you gifts are available for specific delivery dates, next day delivery, and even same day delivery.
It doesn’t matter which one of our Irresistibly tasty and juicy fruit basket you choose, you’re sure to send a thank you gift that will be remembered.
Whenever you wish to say thank you for the hospitality or express your gratitude to your friends, family or colleagues, this thoughtful gift is sure to send your sincerest thanks in a most memorable and delicious way.

Ready, set summer!

Whether as a small snack between meals or a delicious dessert – in summer, our fresh fruit bouquets just tastes wonderfully refreshing. Plump berries, juicy oranges or aromatic melons our fruit arrangements have lusciously rich flavour, fragrance and a minimal number of calories because they contain nothing but the natural sweetness of the fresh summer fruits.
You might have tasted fruits in your life before, but not quite like ours. And now if you want to taste it in a different way, then trust me, you have reached the right destination already and its none other than our own fruitygift.co.uk, which is the best place dedicated to selling fruit gifts presented in a unique and visually attractive way. 

Fruit Gifts for The Best Dad

Your father has been so much more than simply the head of the family – he’s your honest advisor, your shoulder to cry on, friend to share a joke with. On Father’s Day  17th June 2018, you have the perfect opportunity to show your Dad, how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you.

Personalize a gift for Father’s Day, show Dad that he means so much to you through all these years.

Add a thoughtful message, a meaningful quote, or just a simple “I Love You, Dad” really takes a Father’s Day gift to the next level. We offer a wide selection of great Father’s Day gift ideas like freshly picked and handcrafted edible arrangements, luxury boxes of pure 100 % organic Belgian chocolate, beautifully arranged fresh flowers.

Take a look through our Father’s Day gift selection from delicious and healthy fruit bouquets to Happy Father’s Day Balloons and even flowers, you’re sure to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, that will show your love and appreciation to Dad.

A Natural & Healthy Easter

We all love the Easter holidays. It’s a special time of year to create traditions and make memories. Many traditions often include office parties or family gatherings that offer a vast array of delicious appetizers and decadent desserts.
You can sweeten the Easter holidays and still stay in shape by eating a variety of fresh colourful fruits providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fibre important for overall good health. There is a way to incorporate fruits into your Easter celebration and give your friends and family a break from the calories and cavities with some healthy and delicious Easter snack alternatives like our Fresh Edible Fruity Bouquets